Best fat killer diet?

Best fat killer diet?

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What is the fastest quickest way of losing weight and triggering fat loss instead of muscle loss, without touching weights.

Lets, i drop the amount of calories to half of what i need a day. Spread out my meals to four meals a day.

Is there a certain ratio of food intake that seems to trigger fat loss?

Lets say, i'm eating 1200 calories a day, would 50%protein30%carbs20%fat trigger more fat loss then a 60%carbs20%protein20%fat ratio.

I hear, that carbs seems to trigger fat storage, and that sugar's carbs tend get in the way of fat burning, protein seems to keep and maintain a metabolism, since it's low in sugars, it tend to trigger fat to be used as energy. But protein makes people tend to feel full?, then why are fat cells being triggered to be used as energy? If the body doesn't feel like it needs energy?
Any suggestions?
Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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