Nutrition vs Power vs Weight vs Watts

Nutrition vs Power vs Weight vs Watts

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A topic I have been reading about for sometime is power to weight ratio. And how a fine line has to be met to find the right balance between losing too much weight, therefore power and losing enough weight and not reducing your power. Being 97 kilos, I am fairly heavy, but I also have great cardio. I've been back on the bike now for 4 months. Previously I played badminton competively in state tournaments in Tassie and Victoria, ex 07 Tasmanaian and ex 07 Victorian champ.

So my cardio and aerobic capacity are really good. Stamina and endurance is very good I have good strength in my legs and overall power.
3,215 calories to maintain my current weight
Cut back to 2,715 calories per day to lose 500 grams a week. I am looking into the benefits of meausring food intake vs weight vs power. Reducing my weight, therefore increasing my power to weight ratio. Over 15k.6ms Watts Average 260, Maximum Watts 304, heart rate sits at 140-146. Avg cadence 112. Average speed 37.4400 kmh. Is there much information avaiolable on the benefits of measuring food intake, reducing weight while maintaining power output?

Please help

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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