Just sold my bowflex


Just sold my bowflex

Postautor: JoeClark » 30 lis 2017, 08:30


I have been using a bowflex off and on for a couple years and thought my problem was inconsistency. I sold it after a very consistent 6 weeks of a 12 week Program had me feeling like I was missing something major. While I wait for my cage to get here I decided to use my old bench and OMG I can't believe how little REAL weight I can lift! It's embarrassing and disgusting! Now my addictive personality (and pride) has taken over and I have real and serious goals. The bowflex was the worst thing I could have bought! Because of the limits of the bowflex I have wasted 2 years getting very small results and losing interest when I could have been making real progress with real weights.


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