New DSG ETHOS Power Rack & Bench

New DSG ETHOS Power Rack & Bench

Postautor: JoeClark » 27 lis 2017, 06:06


What do you all think about this, is Dick's making an ACTUAL attempt to sell higher quality equipment? At first glance I thought maybe it's cheap material, but the weight on the bench and rack seems pretty solid (28lbs heavier than a Rogue R4). Front safety spotters, pin-pipe safeties, gusseted bottoms, no rear cross-member to get in the way, monkey style pull up bar (knurled), fat bar pull up bar, backing plates provided, and the j-hooks actually look decent (oversized backing). They are not cheap racks @ $699, just thought it looked very well thought out to be on DSG's website....!

Please help.

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