Advice for walking on treadmill and issue with my feet

Advice for walking on treadmill and issue with my feet

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I try and aim for 5km everytime. So I know tomorrow I need proper shoes and socks but should I get walking shoes or running shoes? I'm not comfortable running at all on the treadmill but I want to make sure I buy the right kind of shoe. Does anyone have advice on the right kind of socks? And obviously is there anything that I can do so that my feet don't get any worse and worse still maybe bleed or something or has anyone had that issue when walking/running for a prolonged period of time? I tried to search online but there's not many that have had this problem and the few I did find never gave an answer as to how they fixed it. Did they patch it up, cover it up or whatever. i don't know. I realise it might have been caused by me not wearing the proper shoes and socks but I want to try and fix everything altogether tomorrow. Any help at all would be appreciated.

Please help.

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