Steinberg Audio Power improvements

Steinberg Audio Power improvements

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In Chapter 4, on p16, it reviews Power Management. On pp 22-23 it mentions the importance of disabling power-saving settings for USB and PCI Express. These seem to be the kind of thing you would definitely want to do when Cubase is running but not necessarily when doing other stuff.

SAP was a very welcome innovation but afaik it only deals with the CPU settings, forcing the CPU to run at 100% all the time. I think it should also deal with at the very least USB and PCIE settings and perhaps even Desktop Slideshow, Sleep and Hibernate...I like having my PC set to keep my bills down, I like my Desktop Slideshow, but I don't want to have to keep switching Power Scheme before running Cubase, simply because SAP only deals with the CPU settings and not other equally important ones.Can it please be improved?

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